healthy habits the manual
healthy habits the manual

healthy habits the manual

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16 page comic from kk

healthy habits campaign exclusive 

a message from kk this manual is designed to briefly inform our community and raise awareness on some of the universal fundamentals of healthy habits. the first thing we wish to address is that the topic “how to feel good” is not openly discussed in educational systems. for some, this will be the first time consuming information regarding the fact that you do indeed have the ability to influence and gain control over how you feel tomorrow via the pattern of actions, thoughts,and social settings you attend to today. for others this manual will serve as a healthy reminder. we strongly encourage further research and understanding of the power of the mind, the body, and the environmental relationship that exists between and within all of us. with that being said, it is no secret that the world we live in can offer a ton of uncertainty and stress. for that reason it is even more important to double up on taking action on what makes you feel good, removing what makes you feel bad, tand finding control and strength within yourself in order to be able to endure what the future may hold. so here it is, a mini how to manual, in order to remind yourself of the basic fundamentals that have the power to make you FEEL good, the ultimate responsibility in life. big love, @komfykozycollect

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