sweatsuit szn campaign FAQ

am i required to purchase or pay any fees?
you are absolutely not obligated to make a purchase at all, however in order to receive product, you will have to make a purchase at an extremely discounted rate. all products in our exclusive collection are priced specifically for those participating in our campaign. there are no fees. regardless of a purchase, there are many ways to support and we value it all. the wait is over
will I receive a custom discount code for my friends & family?
yes, we would love that support! however it is completely optional, not mandatory to be apart of the collective. some simply choose to have one and others prefer not to, and we completely approve and respect the choice of the individual! dm us on Instagram if you prefer to have a customized code, we would love to make one for you the same day, for your bio or for your whomever it may be for.
may I create content with my friend(s)?
yes, of course! we are an all inclusive community, if a friend of yours share the same the values, then they are a friend of ours as well and we'd love to have them out. 
do I have to post? 
it is highly recommended to share your story, however we will never ask anyone to do something that they are uncomfortable doing! we would still love to invite you out and share a similar experience as the others in the collective. with that being said, whether you post or not, it is extremely encouraged to support the others in the collective! give and get love. 
what is our mission statement?
we aim to move with transparency while uplifting the community to create many leaders of tmrw. the health of the collective takes priority over everything, while also improving the quality of life of all those we interact with on our mission. we are an all inclusive brand that is based off strong personal relationships. as a collect, we practice healthy habits, communication, and giving credit where credit is due.

is there a free local pick up option?

yes miss! we are located in Vancouver, please select local pick up when selecting shipping options. we are located at King Edward Ave & Cambie. simply reply to your order confirmation in order to schedule a time at your earliest convenience. 

when should I post? 
you are welcome to post anytime, however, Sundays will be our official day of the week which we recommend posting. we also encourage to dedicate this day in general to self-care, family & interacting with others in the collective in a positive manner.

how to get reposted and/or rementioned:

for our feed, we will heavily favour: product reviews, unboxing experiences, reels & tik tok based content, quality / interactive / creative content. with that being said, we put an honest effort into representing how diverse & inclusive the collective is. the future belongs to those with open minds (in other words, the number of followers won't be a determinant).

all stories will be rementioned in a timely fashion. it is the least we can do, we truly love and feel your support. 

be sure to tag @komfykozycollect in your for a chance to be featured but more importantly for others in the collective to be able to find your content & ultimately show you love in return. 

list of many uses:
contact us anytime via Instagram DMs or for a same-day response.