komfy kozy is a unisex luxury streetwear brand created and headquartered in Vancouver.
amidst the internet era, the mission began as a digital platform used to spread  the simple message of self positivity and comfort until it rapidly developed into it's current physical form of apparel and events - while maintaining our core beliefs. kk prides itself in exploiting creativity, playfulness and control over one's future. 
over time, the brand has become a community for individuals to explore freedom through comfortability - an underlying theme of the brand’s narrative. together we recognize that comfortability comes in many different forms, however the three we prioritize are the comfort of the mind, body, environment.
through multidisciplinary design, komfy kozy aims to inspire people to reach their full potential by creatively pushing their limits, by reimagining their world and the world around them.
now that you have the key to comfort, be sure to use it. practice healthy habits for today and tmrw. big love and support. meet us in the future.