the perfect gift

accept the new reality. sweatsuits are the outfit of the winter covid era. introducing thick, high quality, high waisted & oversized sweatsuits in combination with a colour palette to absolutely die. cute, trendy, and comfortable. the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one this upcoming szn.

daydreamers. available in sizes xs - xl

don't be afraid to ask questions! we know our product very well and have worked with many diverse models. our direct messages on instagram & our emails are active 24/7 for these specific scenarios. don't be surprised when we reply with speed & clarity!

our christmas guarantee

if picking up, be sure to place your order before 5pm dec 24th

(for those last min, we will be ready for you, unless we are sold out!)

if shipping, be sure to place your order before 5pm dec 13th

(we will have a full team on standby and fulfill orders the same night) 

shipping times

after your order you will receive an order confirmation. 48-72 hrs later, you will receive a  shipping confirmation. 2-8 days later, you will receive your order. be sure to place your order before 5pm dec 13th in order to receive in time for christmas (or your money back). 

shipping costs

shipping is free! every purchase of a daydreamer comes with free shipping & a scrunchie. also receive free booty bands when you order multiple. wholesale = save more when you spend more! similar to santa, just leave us some milk please and we got you.

with lots of love, we give you the daydreamer sweatsuit. designed for and by the collective to achieve a komfy body kozy mind with your team. 

receive more when you spend more, see below: 

$150 = a daydreamer + free shipping + free scrunchie

$300 = two daydreamers + booty bands + free shipping + an additional free scrunchie per sweatsuit. the same off applies for the following:

freebies such as booty bands & scrunchies will be added to your order upon fulfillment, therefore they won't show up in your cart during checkout. 

$430 = three daydreamers + same freebies as above

$570 = four daydreamers + same freebies as above

$705 = five daydreamers + same freebies as above

$835 = six daydreamers + same freebies as above

$960 = seven daydreamers + same freebies as above

$1080 = eight daydreamers + same freebies as above

$1190 = nine daydreamers + same freebies as above

$1320 = ten daydreamers + same freebies as above

if looking for more than 10, please dm us on instagram (@komfykozycollect) or email us at

wholesale methods of payment:

1. e transfer

send us a screenshot of your cart on instagram (@komfykozycollect) or email info@komfykozycollect clearly displaying which exact items you're looking to purcase, then we will send you the total cost. we will be sure to take care of you! 

2. place your order online.

after placing your order. dm us on instagram (@komfykozycollect) or email info@komfykozycollect regarding wholesale reimbursement. we will refund you the exact difference immediately.

 how long is this offer valid for?

this offer is valid until all of our xmas inventory is sold. inventory will go a lot faster than expected because inventory across 5 different sizes and 6 different colors will go out of stock faster than you think! 
if we are out of stock in your size, be sure to

to be alerted first as soon as there is a restock! feel free to dm us on instagram at any time and we will give you a quick update. 

oatmeal / neutral latte / soft pink / baby blue / pale grape / pastel green

having trouble deciding between colours?

buy multiple. you really can't go wrong. you are only going to wish you bought more at this price, quality & colour palette. worst case if you gift one as the best Christmas present ever. for launch day, sweatsuits will be priced at $150.00 cad. for the collective sweatsuits are priced as follows.

many uses:

looking for the perfect gift for your mom, wife, sister, grandmother and / or cousins? we have you covered this holiday szn. this sweatsuit bridges the gap between cute and comfortable clothing. thick enough to run errands in and go grocery shopping, and soft enough for christmas morning or a girl's night in.  match with friends, wear it to work, take your dog for a walk, hikes etc. you can honestly live in this sweatsuit. it's exactly what you'll need for the season in vancouver. 

110% cashback guarantee:

these sweatsuits do not disappoint. in fact, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the quality of our sweatsuits, we will refund you 110% of the cash spent on them upon return (granted that the product is in the exact same shape).

what if I order the wrong size? 

you can order the bottoms in a different size than the top! we are confident that with our knowledge of our product in combination with your knowledge of your body, we will be able to make sure you make the right decision for yourself. be sure to watch our videos to see the best reference with regards to fit. pro tip: use the individuals in our images as a size reference. we always add the height of the models in the product description on the product page so that you can make very very accurate decisions. with that being said, if for whatever reason we end up selecting the wrong size (it happens!) we always offer returns & exchanges as that is simply the least we can do. 

how do I return or exchange my product?  

the fastest way to return or exchange your product is to reply to your order confirmation email or email your order number & your request to whether it be you want a different size or perhaps you simply made a poor financial choice at the time and require your funds back, whatever it may be. as long as you're able to return the product to us in the exact same form, then we are able to offer you a full return. we will also will refund you for shipping costs.  

 enjoy a contactless delivery! less crowded stores. more time with the family in comfort this holiday szn. a stress-free christmas. yes please.

pro tips:

1. share this link with your closest friend(s) group chat. your friends all e-transfer their share, and as a team, reap the benefits of a larger order size

2. send us a photo of your loved one and we will make sure we get their size right the first time through!

secure yours today!

arguably the best dollars you will spend this holiday szn. there is nothing worse than not having a present for yourself or others during the holidays. pull the trigger & win.

ty for your vote of confidence!