sweatsuit szn campaign invite

what should I expect from the sweatsuit szn campaign?

feel supported locally with hundreds of other like-minded individuals from your neighbourhood while sharing an important message, and gaining exposure online. create cute content within a supportive, inclusive & healthy environment. be prepared to give & get love from all the others in the collective by interacting with those in our mentioned posts on our Instagram. like, comment, and/or follow each other. exclusively for the collective. 

campaign message =

together we will push comfort via spreading the messages of self-care, the importance of love & care for your own unique body, thoughts & the overall power of a supportive community. although, the way you feel may differ from the way she feels, we all have the same goal of finding comfort, confidence and control as we navigate through a world of uncertainty. we recommend interacting and showing love with the others in the collective. you’d be surprised to realize how much our similarities outweigh our differences. 

daydreamers (sweatsuits) = 

accept the new reality. sweatsuits are the outfit of the covid era. introducing thick, high quality, high waisted & oversized sweatsuits in combination with a 6 colour variant palette to absolutely die. ranging from xs - xl. cute, trendy, and comfortable. the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one this upcoming szn. what else could you ask for?

with lots of love we give you the daydreamer sweatsuit. designed for and by the collective to achieve a komfy body kozy mind.

watch our last campaign here

how many sweatsuits are being released?

full restock complete. first come first serve. christmas supply is limited! (& at a discounted rate until nov 30th).

110% cash back guarantee:

these sweatsuits do not disappoint. in fact, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the quality of our sweatsuits, we will refund you 110% of the cash spent on them upon return (granted that the product is in the exact same shape).

what if I order the wrong size? 

you can order the bottoms in a different size than the top! we are confident that with your knowledge of your body in combination with our detailed product description & clarity that you will be able to make the right decision for yourself. be sure to watch our videos to see the best reference with regards to fit. pro tip: use the individual in our images as a size reference. we always add the height of the model in the product description. the good news is that with sweatsuits, you have the least % chance of getting the wrong size in comparison to any other articles of clothing. with that being said, if for whatever reason you end up ordering the wrong size (it happens!) we will 100 percent be offering returns & exchanges.

how do I return or exchange my product?  

the fastest way to return or exchange your product is to reply to your order confirmation email or email your order number to simply let us know your request, whether it be you want a different size or perhaps you simply made a poor financial choice at that time and require your funds back. whatever it may be. as long as you are able to return the product to us in the exact same form. we are able to offer you a full return. we also will refund you for shipping costs. 

when will I receive my order?

immediately after check out, we will send you an order confirmation email. very important: please confirm that you've entered your correct full address including your unit number. roughly 48 hrs weeks after your order, you will receive your shipping information with all of your tracking information. expect 2-8 business days. shipping is $14.99 cad. we highly recommend coordinating with your friends so that you can take advantage of wholesale prices. we are huge on communication. some sweatsuits will land sooner, all depending on the time of which the order was placed. thank you for trusting the process, we have officially mastered the sweatsuit & cannot wait to show you. true comfort.

enjoy a contactless & stressfree delivery. avoid busy, crowded stores prior to spending time with family this holiday szn. 

oatmeal / neutral latte / soft pink / baby blue / pale grape / pastel green

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having trouble deciding between colours?
buy multiple. you really can't go wrong. you are only going to wish you bought more at this price, quality & colour palette. worst case if you gift one as the best Christmas present ever. for launch day, sweatsuits will be priced at $150.00 cad. for the collective sweatsuits are priced as follows,

receive more when you spend more, see below: 

1 sweatsuit of your choice + free silk scrunchie = $99.98 cad $1̶5̶0̶.0̶0̶ cad

2 sweatsuits of your choice + free shipping, booty bands & silk scrunchies  =     $199.96 cad $5̶.0̶0̶ cad  (+ an additional $37.00 value of freebies)

3 sweatsuits of your choice + save $29.99 cad, free shipping, booty bands & silk scrunchies = $269.95 cad $.0̶0̶ cad (+ an additional $67.00 value of freebies)

(the size of your bottoms can be different than the size of your top, simply add all to cart, and the discount will be automatically applied upon the final page of checkout).

freebies such as scrunchies and booty bands will not be shown in your cart at checkout, however, they will be found in your purchase upon delivery

if you're looking to more than 3 sweatsuits for your team, dm or email us for the rates. the deal gets even better....  @komfykozycollect

pro top 1: share this link with your group chat / closest friends or have your friend e transfer you the difference, in order to redeem an offer with larger bonuses. 
pro tip 2: tell your significant other that this is what you want for christmas. these sweatsuits serve function.

secure yours today! arguably the best dollars you will spend this holiday szn. this campaign invite also guarantees your sweatsuit(s), regardless of how fast the first 250 sell out during our launch. exclusively for the collective. 

there is nothing worse than not having a present for yourself or others during the holiday szn. 

recommended to join and create with a friend.